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Eliminate the challenges and complexity of Windows 10 with an end-to-end digital workspace solution

Windows 10 arrived in July 2015 and employees began upgrading their devices immediately. For those early adopters, the first Windows 10 release reached end of support on May 1, 2017. The second release will reach end of support at the end of 2017. IT must act now to implement a plan for keeping up with the speed of Windows 10 updates and support expiration. A Citrix Workspace is the solution.

Embrace Windows 10. Simplify OS updates.

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Windows 7 will reach end of support in 2020, which is not as far away as you think. Citrix can simplify your Windows 10 migration today and manage updates in the future. Citrix Workspace app virtualization and VDI solutions enable you to centrally rollout Windows 10 to hundreds or thousands of employees at once, saving you the time-consuming process of updating each device individually. Employees can also use the new OS on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux or Chrome, allowing them to stay productive from anywhere.

Many employees have already upgraded to Windows 10 and expect to be able to continue working from their current device, but not every app is immediately compatible with Windows 10. In a Citrix Workspace, apps run from the datacenter on the OS rather than on the endpoint, avoiding OS compatibility issues. IT provides users with the flexibility they desire, while keeping the supported applications, desktops and data secure.

With the new Windows-as-a-Service model, we don’t have as much time to prepare for OS upgrades and updates. With Windows 10, updates are coming much more quickly and OS versions will fall out of support just as fast. A Citrix Workspace is the best way to manage these frequent updates. Use Citrix App Layering to update only the OS or only a particular app, without impacting other apps. Apply the update to one image and push it out to all users at once, making it easier than ever to ensure you’re always on the most current, supported Windows 10 release.

Windows 10 is a wholly new unified operating system that brings desktop, mobile and cloud worlds together for a common user experience across endpoints. A Citrix Workspace provides the unified endpoint management platform that is tailor-made for this new approach. Enterprises can manage all their employees’ Windows 10 devices—desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets—from a single pane of glass. A Citrix Workspace enables you to easily manage corporate, bring-your-own device (BYOD), choose-your-own device (CYOD), and corporate-owned, personally-enabled (COPE) devices.

Windows 10 migration introduces an opportunity to improve control over your organization’s data. With a Citrix Workspace, user data is unattached from devices, protected from overwrites and under your control. With your data centrally secured as part of the digital workspace, your migration task list shrinks. No need to spend time discovering data, educating users about desktop and mobile device backups, or coordinating data migration with the entire organization. Separating user data from their apps and devices eases OS migrations simplifies future updates.

Citrix Workspace

  • Rapidly deploy and easily update Windows 10 virtual desktops with centralized management.
  • Deliver immediate access to core business applications on Windows 10 devices.
  • Support Windows 10 devices through unified endpoint management.
  • Simplify migration and increase security by separating enterprise files and data from the base OS.

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