Customers succeed with Citrix ADC

Health system boosts patient care through mobilized data

Scripps Health is a private, nonprofit, integrated health system in San Diego, California. Founded in 1924, the organization strives to improve community health through excellent medical care, preventive services, and wellness screenings for every stage of life, while advancing medicine through clinical research and graduate medical education. Ranked among the top 15 health systems in the nation, the organization is on the forefront of genomic medicine and wireless health technology.

With NetScaler Management and Analytics System, we can see issues right away and address them proactively rather than figuring out what happened after the fact.
Rodney Sackett
Sr. Systems Engineer
Scripps Health

Gas and electric company makes paperless power management easy with Citrix NetScaler

Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Company (KU) regularly receive best-in-class customer-satisfaction ratings. That is significant for utilities that together serve nearly 1.3 million customers, including providing power in all 77 counties in Kentucky and five counties in Virginia, in addition to providing natural gas for customers in Louisville, Kentucky, and 16 surrounding counties. LG&E and KU are part of the PPL Corporation family of companies, and they are headquartered in Louisville.

With NetScaler, giving users access is simply checking a box and picking a certificate from a drop-down, and we are done, and it all works. Because of the integration, it isn’t different processes working on different platforms. It works much better. The integration really helps us.
Bill Brumleve
System Administrator
LG&E and KU

Aer Lingus soars with superior service delivery

Aer Lingus is the national airline of Ireland, transporting over 10.6 million passengers per year. Using multiple Citrix solutions, the company introduced a highly secure, industry-compliant enterprise mobility solution, providing an unprecedented, consumer-like customer experience, while empowering employees across Aer Lingus to achieve greater productivity through a more flexible approach to work.

Arizona State University consolidates servers and improves reliability

In 2005, Arizona State University (ASU) was using BIG-IP appliances from F5. It was time for a hardware upgrade cycle, and ASU chose the Citrix NetScalers as the new standard. While price was initially a key factor in the selection process, other deciding factors in switching from F5 BIG-IP to NetScaler were ease of management, performance, and scalability.

From my perspective, the NetScalers provide a lot of capabilities in one device. The fact that NetScaler integrates so well with our Citrix XenApp deployment to support high availability and secure access was another key factor in ASU's selection of NetScaler.
Jack Hsu
Senior Director of System and Security
Arizona State University

By deploying NetScaler MPX 21500 in a high availability cluster, True Internet is able to provide scalability for its web and video caching infrastructure without replacing hardware. True Internet can grow their NetScaler cluster by adding more MPX platforms and scale to up to 3 Tbps of capacity.

We are extremely happy with Citrix NetScaler MPX as a Telco-grade ADC, and the support we receive from Citrix is excellent. I look forward to working with Citrix in implementing the NetScaler analytics features such as NetScaler Insight Center to gain visibility into applications and networks as we implement our own big data system.
Dr. Viriya Upatising
True Internet of Thailand

Montefiore Health System guarantees seamless access to medical records without impacting quality of care

At Montefiore Health System, Citrix Receiver and NetScaler support secure remote access to the EPIC system and other XenApp-hosted applications so that clinicians can provide patient care from anywhere, and office employees can take advantage of work-from-home initiatives. And HDX Insight, powered by NetScaler Insight Center, provides performance monitoring of Montefiore’s virtualized environment.

We are able to utilize NetScaler Insight Center from the thin client to the Citrix server, all the way to the back end. With this information at our fingertips, we can easily troubleshoot latency and performance information to improve our patient care.
Andy Lin
Senior IT Manager
Montefiore Health System

Race car manufacturer Dallara enables transatlantic collaboration

Nearly 40 percent of Dallara’s business comes from the United States, despite the company operating primarily out of its headquarters in Italy. So in 2012, Dallara opened a state-of-the-art engineering center near Indianapolis. As Dallara expanded its footprint across the Atlantic, the company encountered considerable challenges in maintaining a close link between Italy and Indianapolis. Within a matter of weeks, Citrix partner Sinthera was able to design and implement a solution incorporating a number of different Citrix technologies to enable a secure, seamless connection between 120 workers in Italy and 30 workers in the United States.

We’ve improved our ability to protect Dallara’s intellectual property. I think some of us were expecting to make some compromises around security, but this has actually raised our standards.
Fabrizio Arbucci