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New: Updated Hosted Apps and Desktops Service and Skype for Business Service for CloudPortal Service Manager

Updated Hosted Apps and Desktops Service for Cloud Portal Services Manager

The Hosted Apps and Desktops Service for Cloud Portal Services Manager includes new features that further enable Citrix Service Providers to deliver, manage and scale hosted applications and desktops to multiple customers from a single streamlined management interface.

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With the Hosted Apps and Desktops Service, you can:

Scale your infrastructure independently while maintaining flexibility with multiple versions of XenApp and XenDesktop using multi-site support. Independently manage multiple XenDesktop sites within a single platform – allowing a simple low risk upgrade and migration path. Version agility allows administrators to use existing infrastructure and onboard new customers to latest version of XenApp and XenDesktop.

Quickly onboard new customers and applications with simplified app onboarding and bulk user provisioning. Identify and assign offerings as shared or private in a couple of click without the need for a complex naming convention.

Rapidly deliver offerings in a muti-tenant environment for “A” customer and “B” offerings across a set of “C” users. Gain detailed insights into service usage and customer assignments – helping decisions that enable faster delivery of services. Quickly understand offering assignment across all multi-tenant sites and Shared/Private modes from an intuitive management portal.

Manage upgrade risks by choosing to independently update various versions of XenDesktop, StoreFront and VDA versions leveraging flexible architecture thus providing continuous delivery of services.

Skype for Business Service for CloudPortal Services Manager

The Skype for Business service for Cloud Portal Services Manager allows Citrix Service Providers to easily deploy, deliver, manage and scale Skype for Business to multi-tenant customers as an individual hosted service or as part of a hosted workspace bundle – without compromising user experience.

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With the Skype for Business Service, you can:

Leverage multi-tenant architecture and streamlined customer and user onboarding to keep your costs down and quality of service up.

Use customer and user plans to quickly build and deliver bundled services such as Skype, Exchange, Hosted Apps and Desktops and ShareFile.

Allow customer admins and helpdesk personnel to handle Skype provisioning and configuration requests; secure back end systems to full access admins.

Use a multi-tenant and multi-location architecture with simple onboarding and management to offer inspiring demo and trial experiences.

Leverage CloudPortal Services Manager for a consistent operational and reporting process for dedicated and multi-tenant deployments.

Deliver the best possible Skype end user experience in a hosted desktop by leveraging the Skype Optimization pack for XenApp/XenDesktop.

Microsoft Office 365 Service for Cloud Portal Services Manager

Design and deliver compelling workspace offerings that include a blend of Citrix and Microsoft services – download the Microsoft® Office 365™ Service for CloudPortal Services Manager.

Using a "bring your own account" design with CloudPortal Services Manager, administrators have the flexibility to create new Office 365 accounts or consolidate existing accounts under management which simplifies customer onboarding and increases opportunity to add new or migrate existing Office 365 services.

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With the Microsoft Office 365 Service for CloudPortal Services Manager, you can:

Use any new or existing Office 365 account(s) with the bring-your-own account feature. Quickly link tenants with an Office 365 account simply by entering admin credential, then speed onboarding using automatic identity sync configuration to connect on-prem to Azure AD.

The bulk operation feature allows you to quickly scale admin tasks.  Simplify provisioning by detecting and selecting from available Office 365 plans and licenses for each customer.  Easily navigate provisioning using integrated identity status – all while controlling access and settings.

From single login, quickly access account and licensing information and navigate multiple customer and accounts. Gain complete view of all available and active plans and licenses and facilitate license true up and reporting procedures.

Save time onboarding with automatic configuration of identity sync settings. Quickly sync identity and passwords on demand and stay updated on Azure AD identity and sync status. Integrated account identities will also help you to avail provisioning failures related to identity sync.

Quickly activate services by assigning available licenses while understanding tenant resources assignments at a glance. Identify allocated and available sync servers and easily organize information related to tracking servers, customers and locations.

Hosted Exchange Service For CloudPortal Services Manager

CloudPortal Services Manager Hosted Exchange service now supports Exchange 2016. With CloudPortal Services Manager, it becomes considerably easier for Citrix Service Providers (CSPs) to upgrade from previous versions of Exchange to Exchange 2016. Furthermore, CloudPortal Services Manager also provides the option to maintain multiple versions of Exchange simultaneously. This allows Service Providers to plan their Exchange migrations in phases instead of opting for an “All-in-one” upgrade scenario.

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With Hosted Exchange Service for CloudPortal Services Manager, you can:

Offer tenants Microsoft Exchange 2016 which includes Smarter Inbox, Simplified Architecture, Improved Security and Compliance, Better Collaboration and Mobile Productivity. These increased capabilities in Exchange 2016 will lead drive CSP ARPU.

CloudPortal Services Manager allows various different versions of Exchange to operate simultaneously. This capability will allow Service Providers to plan and their upgrade to Exchange 2016 in various different phases to maintain business continuity resulting in minimizing risk and improving end user experience.

Leverage CloudPortal Services Manager multi-tenancy capabilities along with Exchange 2016 to enable enterprise-grade mail services to SMBs at a significantly lower cost with higher margins.

Scaling can be hindered by unclear separation and complex management between shared versus isolated/private offerings. Managing multiple deployments increases infrastructure complexity and cost. CloudPortal Services Manager provides the service provider with the option of deploying Hosted Exchange service either in a Multi-Tenant capacity or as a dedicated instance thereby providing more flexibility to the end user.

Citrix ShareFile Service for Cloud Portal Services Manager

Expand your portfolio and increase average revenue per user by offering hosted fileshare and sync via the Citrix® ShareFile® Service for CloudPortal Services Manager. Create and manage Citrix ShareFile folders through CloudPortal Services Manager and deliver on identity management requirements to combine cloud and on-prem services with ShareFile SAML and ADFS Support.

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With the Citrix ShareFile Service for CloudPortal Services Manager, you can:

Use CloudPortal Services Manager bulk user import and service provisioning features to onboard new customers and provision ShareFile in just a few clicks.

Save time reporting across multiple services for customers and subscribers using built-in CloudPortal Services manager reporting. Quickly identify which customers and users are provisioned with ShareFile and how their accounts are setup and configured.

Choose from multiple supported authentication models, including ADFS, to deliver data services based on customer requirements and preferences.

Save time and simplify ShareFile customer onboarding with ability to automatically create relying party trusts on ADFS server and configure ShareFile SAML settings.  In addition, you can upload certificates during customer/tenant provisioning.

View ShareFile authentication configuration across all customers in a single place. Easily identify and resolve certificate expirations and mismatches to prevent service outages.